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Monitech Laser Grid System

laser grid system

Avoid Incorrect Roofbolt Spacing

  • Can be used to mark blasting layout
  • Can be configured for any layout
  • Certified intrinsically safe Ex ia
  • In use and proven to be effective
  • Patented Technology
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Monitech E-Stop Switch

e stop switch

Compact Mining Type Design

Monitech Flameproof Keyswitch

flameproof key switch

  • Certified Explosion Protected Ex d l
  • Rugged Mine Design
  • Intelligent Key
  • Double Contacts
  • Multiple Key Combinations
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Monitech Flameproof Enclosure

flameproof enclosure

  • Certified Explosion Protected Ex d l
  • Bespoke Design
  • Over 3000 units currently in service
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Intrinsically Safe LED Beacons

led beacons

  • Certified Ex ia (IP66)
  • Three Colour Programmable Function
  • Multiple Input Types
  • Hart Modem Option
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Monitech Laser Guard System

laser guard system

Avoid Injuries on Mining Machines

  • Wet or Dry Applications
  • Certified Group I Fiery Mines
  • Application Configurable
  • Proven Technology
  • Mining Type Design
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Monitech Methane Monitoring System

methane monitoring system

  • Over 300 systems installed
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe Ex ia
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Remote Sensor Calibration
  • Proven Technology
  • High-Visibility Display
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Monitech Remote CH4 Sensor

remote ch4 sensor

  • Intrinsically Safe Methane Sensor
  • Certified Ex ia
  • 0 - 5% V/V
  • Internal Poisoning Filtration
  • High Resistance to Vibration
  • T90 Response Time < 5 seconds
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Remote Methane Detection System

remote methane detection

  • Certified Ex ia
  • 70mm High Bright LED Segments
  • 0 - 3% Methane Range
  • Reliable Mining Design
  • Over 150 Units Installed
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Xpert Series Intrinsically Safe PSU

xpert power supply

  • 110V to 220V Power Supply
  • 12V 2.8A Ex ia Output
  • 24V 700mA Ex ia Output
  • Multiple Independent I.S. Output Version Available
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Monitech Universal Display

universal display

  • Certified Ex ia
  • 4 - 20mA Input
  • 70mm High Bright LED Segments
  • Can be configured for any application
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Mine Owl Camera & Display System

mine owl camera & display

  • Designed for Low-light Mining Conditions
  • Camera only & Headlight / Camera Combos
  • Latest Proven Technology
  • Certified for use in Underground Coal
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Remote Ch4 Sensor MGS

remote ch4 sensor mgs

  • Intrinsically Safe Methane Sensor
  • Certified Ex Ia
  • 0 - 5% V/V
  • Internal Poisoning Resistance High Resistance To Vibration T90
  • Response Time <5 Seconds
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Monitech MDFD001

driver pen

Monitech Operator Cab Detection System

cab monitoring

  • Operator “Present” Detection Seatbelt Sensor Integration
  • Non-Bridgeable Invisible Door Monitoring
  • Out Of Seat Sensing
  • Machine Relay Interlocking
  • Data Logging And Analysis
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Monitech Wi-Fi Bridge

wi fi bridge

  • Operate As An Access Point Or Station
  • Allows Cell Or Wi-Fi To Connect Directly
  • Allows Pds Setup And Configuration Through Web Interface
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