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Dust Suppression Systems

Monitech is the newly appointed global strategic partner to Dynamic Resource Solutions (DRS), a leading safety equipment specialist based in Australia. Monitech's reputation has been built on providing products, backed with a strong service ethic, that are designed to exceed the most stringent safety and quality standards applicable to mining operations all over the world.

As with all Monitech products, our partner products are designed to meet and exceed the industry's stringent demands.


dust suppression system

Monitech customers will now have access to Dust Stop - Dust Suppression Systems, one of the industry's most effective whole dust reducing systems. The Dust Stop Suppression System is an industry proven whole-dust suppression system for both underground and surface working environments.

Dust Stop uses an airless system to feed water through a custom designed airless foaming nozzle that draws a unique foaming agent into the water supply. The foam is sprayed to effectively suppress dust, reducing the amount of total dust. The Dust Stop Airless System eliminates superfluous hardware to minimise setup and reduce lifecycle costs.

The Dust Stop System requires no electrical or hydraulic power to operate.

In-field testing has shown an improvement of over 25% in dust suppression when installed on a Continuous Miner underground. Belt transfer points have also shown similar improvement in dust reduction.

Results Achieved

system benefits


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