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Code of Ethics

Integrity and honesty are the principles with according to which we conduct all our activities. As a company Monitech, along with each of its employees, subscribe to a comprehensive Code of Ethics. The role of this Code is to support the application of the company’s values in all activities of management and staff. It is intended to guide all Monitech representatives in applying ethical standards to all aspects of their activities.

The Code of Ethics covers a variety of relevant issues, including confidentiality of information, electronic communication, remuneration practices and anti-corruption initiatives. All Monitech employees are expected to sign the Code, so as to signify their commitment to the principles and values that they imply.

Product Quality

In order to ensure the quality of our products, Monitech has implemented a rigorous Quality Policy applicable to all manufacturing and service activities. This policy covers issues such as internal controls, continuous improvement, employee responsibility and regulatory compliance.

The company’s success in implementing and maintaining this Quality Policy has been independently certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard.

Health and Safety

In line with our mission of improving safety standards for all mining employees, Monitech is committed to an active Health and Safety programme. This programme regards the health and safety of all employees, clients, contractors and visitors as highest priority.

In order to safeguard the health and safety of every person associated with the company, Monitech seeks to integrate the highest levels of health and safety principles into management practices as well as into daily operational activities.

Environmental Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen operating in the mining industry, Monitech makes every effort to reduce its own direct ecological footprint and to design and manufacture its products so as to maximise their energy efficiency benefits for the company’s clients.

For the past five years, we have undertaken a carbon footprint analysis of our operations, according to the Corporate Standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. During this time, in spite of the rapid growth that the company has experienced, greenhouse gas emissions have remained relatively stable, pointing to a continual improvement in emissions efficiency.