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Colliery supply success guides safety solutions provider’s African expansion

Leveraging its success after 15 years of working with the Botswana-based Morupule colliery, South African mining safety and monitoring solutions provider Monitech is considering further expansion into Africa. Benoni-based Monitech supplied eight-channel controller systems and Laser Guard systems to the colliery more than 15 years ago. This equipment has been successfully used by the mine since then and has aided in meeting underground coal mining safety regulations.

The company provides round-the-clock technical support for these systems, as required by the colliery.

However, Monitech CEO Jarrod Hassett cautions that, despite the success enjoyed at Morupule, Monitech is not taking its plans for expanding into Africa lightly, as it is aware that there are a multitude of factors to consider. It will, therefore, capitalise on the experience gained in industry. “We have gained invaluable experience through our involvement in the Botswana coal industry and will use this experience as we expand into neighbouring countries,” he says.

Successful Supply

Monitech’s eight-channel controller and Laser Guard systems are machine-mounted safety and monitoring systems. Laser Guard prevents inadvertent human contact with moving parts during the roof-bolting procedure, which helps prevent injury and trains staff to modify their behaviour to achieve ‘zero harm’.

The eight-channel controller system provides machine monitoring of water pressure and flow and it also has methane-detection capabilities. The system provides early warning for operators and stops the machine from operating if any of these parameters are out, explains Hassett, adding that all parameters can be set according to the mine’s requirements.

In terms of technical support, he indicates that Monitech technicians are highly qualified and experienced in the mining industry, and are always on call 365 days a year. “Adequate stockholding is seen by Monitech as part and parcel of continued service to clients, and specialised staff deal with all technical and support-related issues.”

At Morupule, both these systems are being used daily on machines during mining operations. According to Hassett, they boast user-friendly operator interfaces, facilitated by easy-to-understand equipment displays. “All equipment supplied to Morupule is proven technology with an outstanding reliability record.”

Hassett says that the equipment has exceeded the client’s expectations, evidenced by the “long and successful” relationship Monitech has enjoyed with the Morupule colliery, with new installations and upgrades ongoing.

He highlights that Monitech is known as an industry-leading original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) in this field, with products well known and proven in the mining sector, and with a reputation for reliability. He posits that, owing to these factors, the company is specifically chosen as a products and services provider for mining operations.

Hassett adds that Monitech did not experience any significant challenges in supplying the eight-channel controller and Laser Guard systems to Morupule, which he attributes to the company’s “vastly experienced” staff, as well as its entrenched position as an OEM in the mining industry for more than 22 years.

In addition to Botswana, other African countries supplied by Monitech include South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Source: http://www.miningweekly.com/article/colliery-supply-success-guides-safety-solutions-providers-african-expansion-2017-11-10/rep_id:3650